The Abridged Life and Times of Lizzie White (Vignette)

Doing this as a one shot because very similar ideas have been done before.

The Abridged Life and Times of Lizzie White

As later translated by Agrippa Fabius Vectis
Printed by Sejanus and Sons, Printers
In the 4th year of the Emperor Atnoninus
From the original text.​

Date: 18th July, 2051 by my reckoning. Summer 2051 at least, just after the equinox. We never did quite work out how long we’d been thrown back in time by. Judging by the reigns of emperors present in both our history and this new history such as Augustus and Tiberius we are fairly sure it was a nice round two thousand years but we don’t know when our arrival started to change history so we can never be entirely certain.

Location: York, more or less. Eboracum Colonia, to give it its Roman name. It’s on the Ouse in roughly where the maps say York was. Some locals, mostly English Scholars, call it York. I have a small house here. Like many other “English” my knowledge, as well as language, have made me quite wealthy over the years. So I’ve settled here, far from the fronts in the slow burning war that came out of our arrival.

What follows is a mixture of memory and contemporary diaries. In those opening days we were too busy surviving to write everything down. Then I turned to writing everything on whatever pieces of paper had survived. Later as we started to make our own paper and teach the locals the same I made an effort to re-transcribe my diaries onto new paper. Sam once called me “the mother of Celtic Chroniclers” but I always said this was hyperbole. None the less this is transcribed and perhaps abridged from my main diaries into a single transcript of those opening days. Maybe, depending on how long I have left it may go into several volumes. Flavia says my accounts must be written down for history and reminds me that some money might be made along the way.

In addition to Flavia, enough of my other friends, not to mention my students can read and write English to understand what I am writing. I hope they will copy this as they have copied many other books that survived those tumultuous early years, not to mention the

I am one of the last “English” that I know of. I lost track of the rest of them many years ago. Maybe others are out there. I know I wasn’t the youngest to survive those first few years so I hold out hope and I am not yet at death’s door yet, merely aware of my mortality. The last English person I spoke to was Bill Aldridge, who worked as a financial advisor to the governor of Anglia Septentrionalis. He left last summer on an adventure to see Jerusalem. That isn’t to say I am alone. While I lost Lou in those opening weeks I maintained many friends from Edgbourne for quite a long time. In as we learned to communicate with the locals I made friends among the Dobunni, the Atrebates, the Trinovantes and eventually among the Romans, among whom I’ve been living for nearly fifteen years now and am a more than minor celebrity. However all my friends from Edgebourne I either know I’ve lost or are scattered across Britain and Europe.

Chapter Summaries:
All dates will be in the Common Era calendar of the Pre-Transportation United Kingdom

  1. My life prior to the New Years Day Event. A prime example of average, uneventful life in the Twenty First Century.
  2. The New Years Day event. The relocation of the Town of Edgebourne and its surroundings and a hangover I will never forget.
  3. The formation of the Emergency Government. The disastrous first contact with the locals
  4. The first months, my life as a scavenger and later, a farmer.
  5. The First Winter.
  6. The English-Celtic dictionary
  7. On the subject of historical contamination.
  8. The Early Years. My travels across the Cotswolds
  9. The War with the Silures
  10. The Battle for Edgebourne.
  11. My new life as an adviser to Verica, king of the Atrebates
  12. Travels to Colchester and Chichester, the Pan-Tribal Accords
  13. History arrives Early: the Tiberian expedition of AD 30
  14. My time as a prisoner of the Roman
  15. The first Romano-Silurian War
  16. My time as an advisor to Julius, first governor of Anglia
  17. My freedom and times in Noviomagus
  18. Meeting the Emperor Drusus
  19. My time in Rome.
  20. My return to Britain and the second Romano-Silurian, or Romano-Celtic War.
  21. The Coup of King Roger I of the Celtic Kingdom. The Fragile Peace
  22. Moving to York and meeting Flavia.
  23. The establishment of York University.
  24. On the years yet to come.